Tap or Swipe Up to Flip! Tap or Swipe Up to Flip!
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Want to flip more?

On this page, you can choose the number of flips from 1 to 10,000.👍

Fiat Coins

You can choose from legal tender coins. Press 'View more coins' to select from all available coins.🪙

Decision Making Coins(Flip a Coin.com Original Coins)

When you're torn between this or that, let a coin make the decision for you! The coins are arranged in order of the most frequent actions. If you have any ideas for a coin with such a design, please let us know through Contact!

Crypt Coins

These coins are for cryptocurrency assets. Each coin has a unique design exclusive to our site, providing a distinctive experience for you to enjoy!

Background Images or Videos

You can choose a coin toss background image or video. Feel free to match it with your mood for the day!

How to play Flip a Coin.com

Just tap the coin to start flipping! Below, you'll find detailed instructions for all the flip area functions.🙂

Top right corner in the flipping areaTop right corner in the flipping area

Defalut value Description
Flip a coinFlip a coin

Select Number of Flips

You can select how many times the coin will be flipped in one go.

Heads vs. TailsHeads vs. Tails

Select a Coin

You can select the coin you wish to flip. There are three categories: Fiat Coins, Decision Making Coins, and Crypt Coins.


Select Background

You can personalize the background image to match your mood! Select from a range of images to change the scenery.

Bottom right corner in the flipping areaBottom right corner in the flipping area

Defalut value Description
Flip a coin

Flip Sound ON/OFF

You can turn on / off the sound when flipping.


Select BGM

You can select the background music. Please be mindful of your device's volume settings!

Full screen

Full Screen ON/OFF

Use this button to toggle full-screen mode on and off for an immersive experience.

Bottom left corner in the flipping areaBottom left corner in the flipping area

History of flips

You can review the history of your flips here. The last 20 flips are stored in your browser's cookies.

Flip a Coin Column

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